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Rottweiler & Working Cocker Spaniel Breeders in Margate

When buying a puppy it’s important to use a trusted breeder. Bedima Boarding Kennels is a Kennel Club assured breeder of Rottweilers and Working Cocker Spaniels and all our puppies are Kennel Club registered.

All our puppies have a guaranteed pedigree for your peace of mind.

We are a Bedimadaiz Casey Assured Breeder.

Buying a puppy from us

We breed top quality Rottweiler and Working Cocker Spaniel puppies. All our puppies are from our own dogs who are temperament assured. Bedima Boarding Kennels’ puppies are Kennel Club registered.

For information on any current litters or litters due soon please visit our contacts page and get in touch. Or please visit our Facebook too.

Why our puppies?

  • Kennel Club registered
  • From top pedigrees
  • Parents can be seen
  • Parents are fully health tested
  • Good temperaments

With us you can trust that you are buying from an assured breeder with top quality breeding

Our Rottweiler puppies

Below is a litter of rottwieler puppies we breed in 2012, and next to them is their mother, father and one of their daughters all grown up.

Home from Home for our dog

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Bella runs in happily to be greeted by Sarah and her helpers. We know she is well-cared for at Bedima, fed, watered, well-exercised and loved. Before booking our holiday, we book Bella's holiday at Bedima. Once, when Bella was poorly, Sarah took her to the vet for treatment. Nothing is too much trouble. Those who know Sarah will know how much she loves all her dogs, her own and the visiting pets who return again and again. Well done Sarah. ,We had never kennelled a dog before we had Bella always holidaying in the uk, taking our dogs. But the recommendation was so good for Sarah and Bedima that we tried it. Bella rushes in happily to be greeted with love and we know that she is happy. Once when Bella was poorly, Sarah took her to the vet for treatment. BEDIMA is outstanding: comfort, exercise, food, water and even cuddles! Before booking our holiday, we book Bella's holiday at Bedima where she is known and loved.

Super Sarah

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Sarah is a natural with animals and they love her. Never left a dog in kennels before I had Bella because I never liked the idea. But she runs in happily to Sarah, is given lots of ecercise and even cuddles so my mind is at peace whenever I leave her at Bedima. The first thing I do before booking my holiday is to check that Sarah can take her. If not ... we don't go away. Last time we were abroad, Bella was poorly. Sarah took her to the vet and did all I would have done. Bella was treated and all was well.

Excellent Kennels

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Daisy and Riley have been coming here at least twice a year on their holidays for the last 3 years. Our last dog also had his twice yearly holidays at Bedima, and even though he was frightened of everyone he loved coming to see Sarah. We know that our dogs are well looked after, have plenty of exercise and playtime in the paddock on site. The kennels are spotless, have additional heating if needed and Sarah clearly adores all the dogs. I always recommend Bedima to friends and other dog owners.


★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I have always had an issue leaving my dogs after a terrible experience in local kennels. But then I found BEDIMA! Sarah is amazing and my dogs come home happy every time, rather than depressed. I wouldn't trust anyone else with them. 🙂


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